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We're a family owned and operated small business located in Elkhorn, WI. You can count on our decades of experience to give you exactly what you're looking for. Roth Fencing has over 50+ years of experience and is ran exclusivly by the Roth Family. We're now in our 3rd generation of service.

When you're in the market for a new fence, you can count on our high-quality products, guaranteed workmanship, and our strong customer service.



Do I need permits for my Fence?

It depends on were the property is located. We can advise you as to whether a permit is required or if there any known restrictions based on the most recent information we have for your area. However, since each community has its own requirements we recommend that you check with your local municipality or homeowners association just to be sure. If a permit is required, it is our customer’s responsibility to obtain. The cost is usually minimal. 

Do I need to have the property marked before getting my Fence?

Yes, we will contact Digger’s Hotline to have the public utilities (gas, electric, telephone, cable TV) marked prior to beginning installation. There is no charge to our customers for this service. Any fence posts that will be within 18” of the existing buried utilities will need to be moved beyond 18”or else they will have to be dug by hand which will slightly increase the cost. Privately installed utilities (ex: electric lines to yard lights or between a house and a detached garage, gas lines to grills, buried sprinkler lines, etc.) will not be located by Digger’s Hotline. It is our customer’s responsibility to inform us of any privately installed utilities. 

What should I do if I have concerns or questions during installation?

Please let your project Foreman know right away, or reach out to your Project Manager. We want you to be comfortable with your fence project at all times, so please don't hesitate to communicate any concerns or questions!

What you need to know about Roth Fencing

Roth Fencing is the only company in town with and using the following:

  • True 1x6, 2x4, 4x4, 6x6 Cedar Lumber
  • All wood Fencing is stick built at your location, not pre-made panels.
  • Always using commercial 9 gauge chain link, with Commercial grade frame work
  • On-site gate fabrication facility fabricating any kind of residential or commercial gate

We control the quality of your product from start to finish, so that we bring you the most value.

We are committed to bringing you the highest quality fencing in Southeastern Wisconsin and beyond. The only way to do this is by understanding and having been involved in every step of the process—from inception to installation. And we have been. We quote projects, design fences, do quality control, then build, assemble, and install them—plus we’re here to answer all your questions along the way.

Of course that doesn’t mean we have to do it all. We can supply you with fabricated fencing for self-installation, install an automatic gate, or repair an existing fence. Our job is to meet your needs, not the other way around. That’s why Roth Fencing remains the Walwroth County's fence company you can count on for all your fencing, gate, and repair needs. Our fence supply and service region goes beyond Walworth County into Rock, Jefferson, Dane, Kenosha, Cook, Racine, Boone, McHenry, Lake Counties and more.

Why should I have Roth Fencing install my Fence?

Roth Fencing is one of the oldest, most experienced fence companies in southern Wisconsin. Our trained and experienced installers will take the time necessary to give you the finished product that you deserve and that will satisfy your requirements. The quality materials that we sell and install are produced by well established, reputable suppliers with proven track records and who will stand behind their products and honor their commitments to their customers.

Here are some of the benefits of going with us:

  • Direct owner involvement
  • 50+ years of experience in the fence industry
  • Quality Control Manager visits on every project
  • Unmatched installation standard
  • Liability Insurance coverage
  • Workers' Compensastion Insurance coverage
  • Prompt warranty responses
  • Dedicated, knowledgeable office staff

We know there are a lot of cheap options out there, but we hope you'll give us the chance to show you just how valuable investment in a quality fence can be!